Precision Injection Molding

We have high precision thermoplastic thermosetting plastic injection molding capacity. The company has more than and 50 horizontal vertical high precision injection molding machine, can meet the requirements of high precision injection molding. The products are plastic injection molding, molding insert, reel, to reel. The use of plastic: Teflon PTFE, PPSU Teflon PM 9850, PM 9820 PEI PBT PA66 ABS PEEK POM PPC POMM PC, etc..

  • 80+set

    Precision injection
    molding machine

  • 0.5mm

    Minimum product

  • ±0.02mm

    Precision of molded products

List Of Injection Molding Equipment

Automatic precision injection molding, stability and consistency of quality of the large-scale production.

NO. Brand Origin Type Tonnage Machine type Injection type QTY/set
1 Nissei Japan NEX50T-5E,NEX110IIIT-12E ES1000 50~110 / / 70
2 Haitian China F240 F80/YX140/YX110 200~350 / / 5
3 Multiplas China V3-2R-120T/V3-2R-85T 30-110 / / 5
4 FANUC Japan FANUC-S100 50-110 / / 5
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Precision Injection Parts

Through strict control of processes at all levels, combined with CNC machines and other cutting-edge equipment, the high-precision production of molds is achieved.

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